natural glass water bottle review

Non-disposable water bottles are an interesting topic. Two big trends which seem to be driving sales are the environmental backlash against single use bottles and the health considerations of bpa. In response, I’ve seen a lot of metal options from companies like Sigg and bpa-free options from the folks at Nalgene.

My current option comes from Starbucks, and is made of glass. Glass works for me for a few reasons. ┬áNot only is it the most flavor-neutral bpa free option, but unlike steel bottles it allows one to easily see how much water remains. I wouldn’t take this hiking, but it is of sufficient thickness that with its silicone sleeve it is plenty sturdy for daily urban use. The latch mechanism is watertight and simple to use, and in my opinion the level of design compares quite favorably to higher profile bottles like those from kor. Surprisingly, it costs $16.95 at Starbucks, which makes it a relative bargain in many ways. One of my current favorite items.