the quest for the perfect iphone earphones

the pack in headphones for the iphone were okay.  they have a great microphone, come with the phone, and the inline remote is sweet.  sonically they’re average, and on the downside they don’t stay in my ears and require a high volume to overcome background noise.  

my first replacement.  ultimate ears super fi 4vi for the iphone are a step up sonically, but again proved too big to stay in my ears and are expensive.

what i finally settled on. etymotics hf2’s have made me a believer.  the sound is as good as i could expect from a single driver setup,  at least equivalent if not better than the ultimate ears, and these actually come with the smallest tips i have yet encountered.  i could actually get them to stay in my tiny ear canals.  the microphone might even be better than the stock iphone’s.  unfortunately they are ridiculously expensive.  

Gays and Christians

a few weeks ago i attended an open debate session at my church regarding all of the issues on the ballot.  obviously prop. 8 was a hot topic.  after hearing the reasoning of a few people who supported prop. 8, i found myself walking up to the mic.  i was a little worried.  as a so-called “leader” at my church, i knew that i might be creating heat for the head pastor…. but to be honest i found the arguments for prop. 8 simply too weak to support.

i know that a lot of you will not agree with what i am about to say.  fwiw, i fully understand that my opinion is worth what you are paying for it.  🙂  

the way that mainstream Christianity is treating homosexuality is wrong.  it reflects a strategy which is not thoughtful, and demonstrates the need for believers to think critically for themselves.  
let’s start with the basics.  is homosexuality a sin?  to me, the Bible seems to say yes.  are there any Christians who aren’t sinners?  i haven’t met any.  okay, so basically Gays are exactly as fallen as everyone else.  no more, no less.  there is perfect, and there is everything else.
what does prop. 8 accomplish, exactly?  people tell me it will protect the sanctity of marriage and family.  let us look at this from the non-Christian perspective.  when we look at the divorce rate, the adultery rate, the number of kids in foster homes…. how much of this was done by people who profess to be Christians?  my guess is that Gays would feel that there is nothing they could do to damage the institution of marriage that Christians haven’t done already.  we would probably be better served policing our own ranks.  i’ve seen the people on the streets with signs supporting prop. 8…. i wonder how many also have carried signs condemning divorce and adultery?  can you imagine if they made divorce illegal except for the reasons allowed in the Bible?  wow.  i know more than a few Christians with “irreconcilable differences.”
the idea of trying to impose our religious beliefs into law seems bizarre to me.  this is the united states of america.  the land of the free.  there is no “only as long as you are Christian” clause.  Christians don’t own the concept of marriage.  Non-Christians get married all the time.   This is a civil right.  Can you imagine trying to make it illegal for Jews to get married because they rejected Christ, and therefore their concept of marriage isn’t exactly the same as ours?  If you project out the end state of trying to codify all Christian beliefs into law, you end up in a country where it would be illegal to be atheist, or Jewish, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or anything else.  Does anyone think this is a good idea?  “sorry atheist dude, but we are making it illegal for you to have santa claus on your front lawn because Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ.”  the bottom line is you can’t force people to do things.  you gotta win them over to your way of thinking.  if someone pointed an ak47 at you and said that you better cover up your wife because their interpretation of the Koran required it, you might obey to save your family, but i doubt you’d become a believer in their religion.
please don’t think that you are somehow helping out the Christian cause by supporting prop. 8.  if we want to help with the Christian cause as it relates to the Gay community, we need to look at the basics.  wwjd? when they tried to get Christ to get political, he always refused.  he said give to caesar what is caesar’s.  he said if you are slave, be a good one.  the Christian way is mostly an internal struggle.  we should all have such awesome marriages that the Gay couples we know are asking us what our secret is.  that seems like a winning strategy.
p.s. rick warren doing the invocation at obama’s inauguration deserves to be about more than prop. 8… but at this point it is just too juicy of a talking point.  another opportunity lost.  and jerry brown refusing to do his job as the top law enforcer in california is just one more depressing consequence of prop. 8.  we will all face the consequences of prop. 8 in our witness, make no mistake.

freaking out and the influence of context

do you consider yourself easily grossed out?  easily freaked out?  

i think i can honestly say i’ve seen my fair share of feet.  they don’t gross me out very easily.  seeing the image to the left did nothing to me at first.  after reading the story behind it, however, i must confess to feeling a bit queasy.  🙂
the click is worth the jump!

this is so genius


i posted some time ago about how risk is about consequences.  this plan is so genius it actually made me smile.  is it too much to hope that our government will be smart enough to see the power of their current position in business affairs?  we should be making this a mandatory policy for every company that takes a government bailout.  
genius!  this is one way to get the free market to assess risk honestly.  i betcha Credit Suisse Group Ag will be very, very good at assessing risk while this policy is in effect.  🙂


so the fed decided today, for the first time in history, to establish a zero-interest rate policy.  an eye catching quote: “The Fed is sending a message that it will print money to an unlimited extent until it starts to see the economy expanding,”  this is from William Poole on Bloomberg Television.  

so what happens when you print out money without tying it in any way to productivity?  i’m guessing that you dilute the value of each dollar.  can anyone explain to me why we won’t see inflation from this?