the adam carolla podcast – the cusp of change?

the internets are full of people buzzing about the end of newspapers and the demise of radio.  the problems, as always, is money.  how do you make money in newspapers or on the radio?  i won’t pretend to know the answer, but i feel confident that entities that refuse to acknowledge the winds of change will end up adrift and eventually lost for good.  adam carolla began his podcast almost immediately after the demise of talk radio 97.1.  smart move.  in the last 2 days, the podcast is already well over 250k downloads.  in less than a week, it has become the number one itunes podcast on the Top Ten list.  i can’t think of a precedent for a top level player making this sort of transition.  there probably is a way to make money with these numbers, and one interesting detail is that it may not even involve advertisers.  the subscription model alone seems intriguing/viable considering the cost/expense numbers.  we seem to be at the beginning of a paradigm where you can pay a la carte for just the content you want.  i say beginning because we are now seeing a “buy-in” from a top tier level of talent.  also, the personality in question now has total control of the ship.   will adam lead the way to a new form of talk entertainment distribution?  will television eventually make the same leap?  that seems harder.

no- i don’t think aliens will look like us.

whenever nerds gather to discuss aliens in film and television, there’s typically a general agreement that most fictional “aliens” end up looking essentially humanoid because that is the less expensive/less difficult way to do it.  this is seen as a shortcoming because we much prefer to believe that actual aliens would be so incredibly different from us that our current definition of life would have to be torn up and thrown in the dumpster.  

but- there’s always that one dude.  the dude who thinks it is cool to be contrarian.  the one that argues that the way that life evolved here is probably the way it would evolve anywhere, and so it is not that improbable that aliens would look like us except for the blue/grey/green skin, giant eyes, and pointy head.
that dude is wrong.  
how do i know?  well, for example, let’s just talk about eyeballs.  i can still vividly remember going through gross anatomy class despite the fact that it was more than a decade ago.  that class is long-  spans an entire school year.  one of my most vivid memories is when we finally cracked the skull and got into the eye socket.  it was like looking into a swiss watch.  the precise layout of the extraocular muscles left me speechless.  it is a very, very specific design.  now check out these eyeballs:

i kid you not.  this is a real fish, posted recently on the national geographic site.  this fish has a transparent head.  let me repeat that. a transparent head!  what you are seeing isn’t a photoshop fantasy.  those two little things above the mouth?  NOT the eyes.  those are some kind of organ for smell.  the eyes are those two big green things INSIDE THE HEAD.  this isn’t a fish from saturn.  this is the pacific barreleye fish, as recorded by the folks at the monterey bay aquarium.  from my own planet, and i couldn’t even find the eyes at first.  same planet, very, very different setup.  very cool video here.

dubai and the great (now global) depression 2.0

came across this great blog post and wanted to share it with y’all.  the original writer definitely has chops, and actually the debate and discussion that followed his article are equally interesting.  there may be some hot air here, but for the most part the quality of the writing and discussion makes up for that.  worth your time.  fyi also noted that dave gibbons facebooked about a  meeting with a finance guru who feels a global depression coming….  yuck.