the future of Christianity, or lack thereof

this article is blowing up on the internet…. probably to no one’s surprise.  the discourse across various forums and boards has been really interesting.  some quotes:

from io9- “The Evangelical flavor has more in common with the Taliban than with most other styles of Christianity.”  
“The general christian view toward homosexuals is starting to not be espoused by the next generation of Christians. they use word games to reconcile what the bible says about homosexuality, with what they think it REALLY says, which is gays are okay. And they can feel okay about being christian again since its no longer homophobic under their new interpretation.

I’m perfectly okay with this watering down of hardline bigotries through creative interpretation because pretty soon they’ll just water themselves out of relevance.”

“Hah-hah, megachurch Xtians have their own Gen Y hipster douchebag narcissist quotient. I really fail to see the difference between a Pepsi t-shirt and an “ironic” tee with “Repent” or “Jesus” made to look like a Pepsi logo.  

“Face it, Evangelical Christianity is nothing more than the Political Correctness of the Bush Era. In either ideology’s case, at first they were sort of tolerated for being well-intentioned, then despised as they grew more vocal and strident, and finally ridiculed as hollow, vacuous, and arbitrary.”


 I truly feel that the biggest mistake American Christians ever made over the years is to align themselves so closely with the American/Conservative/Republican version of capitalism. “

“The “Culture War” itself is what is sucking the life out of American Christianity. Increasingly Christians are becoming defined by what, and who, they’re AGAINST as opposed to what they believe.”

“his article is sociologically illiterate. Evangelicalism is thriving and liberal churches declining because of demographics: liberal churches don’t produce children. Secondly, religious groups typically thrive on persecution.”

“I think they will pay for their emphasis on prosperity gospel.”

what does it all mean?  a worthwhile question.  over a year ago i blogged about how the current generation of children will face unprecedented challenges if they are Christian and aspire to careers in science.  The scientist who is suing Woods Hole Oceanographic for firing him for being an evolution skeptic represents just the tip of the iceberg.  many of you may have noticed that major media has been gradually covering the atheism versus religion angle more and more.  i hope that everyone is at the very least paying attention to the global dialogue, if not participating in it.  those of you who are “too busy” because of your kids might want to ask yourselves what responsibility you bear for the world those kids will grow up in.