the NBA playoffs

is anyone else getting the feeling that this post season is going to be special?  kobe.  melo.  lebron.  and dwight.  those are some physical phenoms with ridiculous skills.  last night’s game was quite the eye opener- nuggets/lakers could easily be a 7 game nail biter all the way.  melo is playing without fear.  i don’t know why so many people are saying that game 1 was so devastating for the nuggets.  i think game 1 probably convinced the nuggets that they could win this series. 

  i’m certainly no expert, but if the regular season is any indication, the magic could take the cavs down to the wire in another 7 game battle royale. 
watching kobe basically single handedly win the game last night, it really feels like we might be in for the proverbial clash of the titans.  kobe/melo is going to be epic, and lebron/dwight will hopefully be the same.  i wouldn’t be surprised if they essentially cancel each other out and the final outcome is determined by everyone else.
looks like may/june will be one of those rare periods where i feel like i’m actually getting something when i pay my cable bill.  🙂