on a personal note

met up with some old friends recently.  in doing so, i was surprised to learn a few things relevant to this blog:

1- there are apparently more than 2 people who still actually read this thing
2- at least one reader would prefer a return to the more personal flavor of our old blog.

since this one reader may very well represent 30% or more of the total current readership of this blog, i’ve decided to accommodate his preference.  🙂

(personally, i’m surprised by the need to do this.  i kinda thought that anyone who was still reading this blog was probably a person with a curiosity for life similar to mine who was essentially letting me do some internet channel surfing for them.)

anywho, let me personally wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!  i hope this holiday season is an epic one for all of your personal relationships.  in this short, fragile life, i hope none of us take these moments for granted.  i count myself lucky and blessed to know each one of you.

i was recently involved in one of those discussions about what the next hot commodity would be.  one of those “fresh water will be the next oil”  and  “lithium reserves will make bolivia relevant” kind of discussions.  my input was that the hottest commodity of the future is the same as the hottest commodity of the present and past.  the hottest commodity is the focused attention of a sharp and motivated mind.

so thanks for spending some of your precious resources with me.  will try to share more soon.