wish i could say i told you so….

but i’m sure i’m not alone in my predictions. this stuff isn’t subtle. in february of 2009 i posted about adam carolla. now fast company is posting this story.  actually, their timing is probably better.  this story has evolved over the last 12 months…. so instead of just predicting this stuff, they  actually can report on it.  reminds me of when the iphone came out and i ran around telling/blogging to everyone that if Steve Jobs could get the publishing industry to play ball like he got the music industry, he could do itunes for text and beat amazon to the punch.  but then the kindle came out, and Jobs said that no one reads anymore.  i always thought that was a stupid statement…. and now it appears it was simply misdirection aimed at his competitors.  where i went awry is i didn’t understand that he planned on rolling out text distribution coupled to an entirely new device.  so now we have articles like this.