sharing time

i have a confession to make:  i’ve been avoiding this post.  i know i said i’d try to add more personal sharing to the blog, but i have mixed feelings about what i’m about to share, and the confusion makes it hard to write.

so in 10 days my dad is embarking on an adventure.  he and a fellow cyclist friend plan on bicycling from vancouver, canada, to los angeles, california.  if they ride 60 miles a day, this trip will take at least 6 weeks.  relevant background:  my dad is over 75 years old, has multiple cardiac stents, and has been told by his cardiologist to not let his heart rate exceed 130 bpm.  my father took up cycling after various health issues forced him to give up other recreations like sailing and flying aircraft.  for the last 10 years he has been cycling 20-60 miles every 2-4 days.  he has never ridden with a full set of pannier bags.

what i’m confident of:  1-my dad is serious about going. 2-my dad has virtually no experience with multi-day rides. 3-there will be no support vehicle.  4- his partner is equally inexperienced. 5- the planning and logistics have been grossly inadequate.

what i’m unsure of: 1- does my dad feel that this lack of planning is part of the adventure? or is it symptomatic of  insufficient competence? 2- does he understand how stressed my mom and the rest of the family will be every day?  3-is he ignoring the health/fitness requirements, or does he not understand them? 4- what does it mean if he understands the risks?  5- what will happen if our worst fears are realized?

where i’m at:  ultimately it is his life, and i’d be a hypocrite to try and stand between my father and an adventure.  this is going to happen, and it may very well change the lives of my entire family.


for a ucla alum who is also the son of a ucla alum, it has been an introspective week.

i’m fascinated by how most of coach wooden’s players share the same sentiment: they didn’t understand a lot of what he was saying until they grew up and had kids.

the more coach wooden i read, the more i realize that most of what my dad drilled into me he got straight from john wooden…. and now i realize my dad and i weren’t just watching basketball together.

a single life lived well is such a powerful thing.