on the road, virtually

day 6 of the long ride

it has been almost a week since my dad embarked on his big adventure.  one of the remarkable benefits of our modern times is that i have so many ways to participate virtually in his ride.  using google latitude, i can pull out my smartphone randomly during my workday and see where my dad is.  i try to text him at milestone moments, like when his ferry arrived back in the usa from vancouver island.

when he sends me pictures from his phone, i can use the latitude data to learn all kinds of things about the area he is in.  here’s a pic from day 6 (today) of his ride.  using google maps/the internet, i learned that the building they are approaching is a diner called “fat smitty’s” which is averaging 4.5 stars over 13 reviews on yelp.  the restaurant has a facebook page, and they seem to be  doing pretty well.

i can use google street view to look over the terrain my dad and his partner are riding on, and via the internet i can review the weather as they are riding.   this is all in real time.   what a world.   if i wanted to, right now i could call my dad and tell him what people think is good on the fat smitty’s menu.

i continue to worry, but i’m very grateful that our era allows me and my family to have these previously unavailable options.   the world continues to shrink.