hela disc review

Hela Test Video from Hela Disc on Vimeo.

Thought it might be time to mix things up a bit and do some quick product reviews of stuff y’all might find interesting. The Hela disc is a fairly new product which is starting to build some buzz. If you are anything like me when you watch the above video you might immediately wonder if any special effects were employed.

When I first came across this product I was immediately intrigued because it checked off a few key boxes for me. I like being active and outdoors, and I’m a bit of a nerd. The idea of a more accurate frisbee sounded pretty sweet, so I ordered one which arrived yesterday. As soon as the work day ended I headed out to a local park with my Significant Other.

I’ll cut to the chase- I think the video is legit. After just a little practice I was able to throw the disc right where i wanted to in the short to middle range (50-100 feet) with much higher accuracy and consistency than I usually do with a conventional frisbee. The Hela requires much less arm effort per distance, and seems less prone to wind drift.

Pros: more accurate and consistent than a conventional frisbee, and greater distance is easily achievable.
Cons: the throw technique is different than a frisbee. If you go out with some friends and don’t practice, someone is going to throw your disc into the next zip code, never to be seen again. If you throw too hard, catching this thing can sting. More expensive than a regular frisbee.

Verdict: Not hype. This product does what it says it does. I’m happy with it.

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