jawbone jambox review

Time flies!  I wrote the first draft of this in May of 2011, and just noticed today that I hadn’t got around to posting it.  At this point the Jambox has a number of competitors, but the review still seems useful.

Wireless portable speakers are such a great idea.  The jambox is one of those devices that I feel has somehow slipped under the radar. I have the black one, and I find it adds to my quality of life in many unexpected ways. The jawbone website has a promo video with various hipsters using the device…. but to this day I’ve never come across anyone in real life besides me who actually uses one. That’s a shame, because it really is a versatile product.  Wirelessly pairing it via bluetooth to a device like a smartphone or tablet opens up a host of new opportunities.

Use cases: 1- You’ve got your ipad on the counter in the kitchen, and you’re streaming some content from Netflix or TW cable or Pandora or something while you fix a bite. With the jambox, you get super convenient, wireless sound which blows your ipad speakers away in quality and volume. Once you’ve paired the jambox, you simply turn it on and you’ve got sound.  Being wireless and having a great rechargeable battery means you can position it as you please.

2-It is also surprisingly great for gaming on the ipad.

3-You’re out at the beach getting some sun. Pair it to your smartphone and now you can share tunes with your buddies and go headphones free.

4-Riding your bike.  Toss it into your handlebar basket and now you can listen to tunes without the danger of earphones dangling in your ears.


I could go on and on.  I’ve used mine in all the use cases above and then some, and have been happy with the performance.  My attitude towards mobile data plans is since there is no “rollover” for data, if  I’m going to pay for a mobile data plan I’m going to get as much use out of it as I can.  The Jawbone Jambox is a surprisingly handy tool for extending the utility of my phone/tablet devices.  Sound quality is better than one would expect from an item of this size, and battery life is excellent.   I haven’t noticed any dropouts with bluetooth like one sees with the first generation airplay speakers, and unlike airplay one isn’t dependent on wifi.  The Jambox also doubles as a hands free speakerphone with Jawbone’s relatively excellent noise reduction.

Bottom line- this can improve your lifestyle.





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