karas- freakin’ sweet

i saw this some number of months ago and came away reassured that there’s still some great anime being made.  the story is very creative, and the visuals are superb.  the action sequences are the best i’ve seen in the last few years.  if you liked the appleseed movie you’ll probably dig this.  best of all, this isn’t one of those never ending series where you have to wait for months on end to finish the story.  there are only two parts, and the second part is now available in the U.S.  this release stands heads and shoulders above most of the shlock that passes for anime nowadays.

a mouthful of molten magma

J told me about this place. The word on the street was that the food is good but spicy. I just ate my first and probably only lunch there. The first few bites were fine, but the heat just kept increasing. It finally got to a point where I felt like my meal was melting a direct path straight down from my mouth to my anus. My tongue feels like I licked a lit blowtorch. If you ever find yourself at a Kyo Chon, consider yourself forewarned!

an old journal excerpt- test of new blog

A few of y’all have recently and repeatedly inquired about a November trip to Yosemite. These conversations have led me to believe that perhaps you folks don’t know how winter camping can be….

Let me enlighten you with a brief recounting of my last winter backpacking experience. 

Subject: Re: backpacking trip – ah, the memories!

I can distinctly recall the last time I went backpacking in the snow with Lars and Mark.  We were in a small group, and had decided to tackle a portion of the Desolation Wilderness near Lake Tahoe.  Aptly named, that Desolation Wilderness. We parked Doug’s car at Horsetail Falls, our exit point, and then all piled into my car, which we took to the trailhead.

Once upon the trail, I couldn’t help but notice that the trail was more of a stream…or perhaps more accurately, a tasteful blend of mud, melted ice, and brown sludgy snow. This mix was an excellent practical example of some basic thermodynamic principles in action. I was somewhat surprised at how quickly my feet reached a sort of icy equilibrium.  I’m sure that if I had still been able to feel my feet at that point, I would have been alarmed. As it was,
I spent most of my time becoming snow blind.

I do recall mentioning to the boys that there might be little reason to continue on our little trek since the lake above us was likely frozen into a featureless white disk. At this juncture several rather pointed remarks were made by various members of our little group concerning my lack of several basic male traits such as fortitude, esprit de corps, etc.

Duly chastened, I continued to toil through what had quickly become a vast white snowdrift. The huge blanket of snow which covered everything also altered the terrain enough to engender some heated arguments over where we were, exactly. On the bright side, this also let to some really creative cursing.

That night, Doug entertained us with his always popular Hey- watch -me -as -I -light -myself -on -fire -while-pouring -white -gas -directly -on -a -match -in -a -misguided-attempt -to -build -a -campfire -before -we -all -succumb -to
-hypothermia -trick.

This definitely raised my spirits just barely high enough for them to have sufficient altitude to come crashing to the ground when we emerged on the wrong side of Horsetail Falls the next morning. The trail was on the other side of an ice laden river with strong current, and we were on the side with a cliff. It was decided that since we possessed fortitude/esprit de corps, and the cliff was too steep to descend with gear on, we would throw our packs off the cliff and slither down after them. This turned out to not be too hard, which made me feel that perhaps Lady Luck was finally smiling upon us. 

It turned out that Lady Luck was not only not smiling, but in fact she was glaring at us with some intensity.  We therefore found our packs lying amidst a field of poison oak.  With some effort, the packs were extracted and we
finally trudged up to Doug’s car. At this point in the trip I was not surprised to have Doug turn to me and say, “dude, you’re not going to believe this.  I left my keys in the glove box of your car.”  What followed was my first experience with hitchhiking.  Which I will save for another story.

Can’t wait for our next trip!  🙂